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From C to shining C

June 21, 2022

Vitamin C is a Powerhouse!

We are all used to loading up on Vitamin C as an immune system booster (and boy does it help our bodies out during cold season!) though there is so much more to this magical vitamin.

Some of it's benefits include:

- Immune system boosting

- Aids in stress reduction

- Improves skin (thus you'll see it in many skincare products)

- Reduces Inflammation

- Lowers risk of cancer

- Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

- Lessens chance of stroke

While you can get a certain portion of your daily need of Vitamin C in your diet, most people generally don't consume enough Vitamin C rich foods to fulfill this crucial need. Check in with us to discuss which formulation of Vitamin C, whether as part of a daily vitamin or a standalone supplement, may be best for you.

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