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The Importance of Vitamin D in the Battle Against Covid-19

June 7, 2022

Do you know how important Vitamin D is?  We do!

Vitamin D levels seem to play a role in COVID-19 mortality rates.  This fact was discovered when researchers began studying the mortality rates in several countries.  It was concluded that countries with lower average Vitamin D levels in the body appeared to have higher rates of COVID-19 related deaths. A high level of Vitamin D in the body seems to inhibit the cytokine storm created by a hyperinflammatory condition.  This cytokine storm severely damages the lungs which leads to acute respiratory failure and can ultimately result in death.

The virus itself does not seem to destroy the lung tissue.  Vitamin D seems to prevent our immune systems from becoming overly active.  Vitamin D will not prevent you from contracting COVID, however.  But Vitamin D may help reduce complications and help to prevent death in those that are affected.

There are many studies being done on just what amount is the right amount of Vitamin D to take.  Vitamin D 400 IU’s was the common dosage for many many years.  Now we are seeing Vitamin D being sold in micrograms.  400 IU’s = 10 micrograms.  Also Vitamin D is being sold in 25 micrograms (1,000 IU’s) up to 250 micrograms (10,000 IU’s).  Choice Health does not encourage this high amount for everybody.  The best way to see if your Vitamin D levels are up to par is to have a test from your physician.  Other- wise the middle road will probably be the best way to raise your Vitamin D levels.

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